A Typical Student

There is no such thing as a typical student! Students who attend my classes come in all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities. We take what we do seriously but we have fun doing it!

Students include children, OAPs, post-op patients, athletes, sports teams, dancers, overweight people, back sufferers, regular gym users and expectant mums in my ante-natal classes.

All students are encouraged to go at their own pace, listening to their body and developing their practice as their body allows. I always encourage people to try everything unless they have a physical ailment. However, if individuals should ever feel uncomfortable or out of breath, they are encouraged to relax and bring their focus back their breathing, joining in again only when they feel ready.

Beginners are most welcome in my classes. Detailed instruction is always given to newcomers to help build their practice from a good starting point. The more experienced yoga students in the class are very accommodating, and they are given variations to help deepen their practice. Teacher and students are always learning, always growing.

If students are ever in any doubt about their ability to exercise; if they have any health issues; or if they haven't exercised for some time, it is their responsibility to seek the advice of their doctor before attending class.