Pen's  Teacher Profile                    Cambridge Yoga Classes

Qualifications: I have been awarded Yoga Siromani and Yoga Bhaskara by the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, making me fully accredited and insured to teach yoga. Additionally I have completed teacher training in Ashtanga Yoga with Source of Yoga and a certificate of merit in Pre- and Post-natal Yoga with the British School of Yoga. I am also a massage therapist trained in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage, Seated chair Massage and Indian Head Massage.

Experience: I have been teaching yoga since the beginning of 2006, with my first experience at the Sivananda Retreat in Reith, Austria. I then taught privately in London for a while, until setting up regular public classes in Cambridge, St Ives and King's Lynn.  In 2008, I completed my training in Pre- and Post-natal  yoga,  and taught Ante-natal yoga classes at a specialist studio in St Ives for 2 years. In 2009, I undertook Ashtanga teacher training in India and it is here where I also gained an introduction to teaching Restorative Yoga. I have enjoyed teaching a huge variety of people, both publicly and privately, and I have held voluntary classes for excluded children within a local school, and team building sessions for local businesses.

History: Before teaching yoga, I used to work in a busy office and like most deskbound people, I suffered from a stiff neck, headaches and stress. I would attend the odd yoga class at my local gym but thought my body just wasn't capable of being as flexible as the other students! It was only after I met a very good Sivananda teacher that my practice started to grow. Her compassion and positive encouragement inspired me to keep going and eventually become confident enough to train as a teacher myself. Her name is Dr Deepa Apte, and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

With Deepa's grace and positivity, and the great detail and clarity of Sivananda's teachings, I hope to humbly share this wonderful legacy of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing with all those I am blessed to teach.

My practice: My first experience of yoga was watching my dad standing on his head! My dad was a fireman and had to keep physically fit. He found that yoga helped him improve the health of his back and reduce stress. I attended my first class in my early 20s but my practice was very sporadic and I didn't go back to yoga until my 30s. Once I  found a good teacher, I started to practice every week, and after training as a teacher at 35, I practiced every day. During a special 2 week intensive, I practiced 3 times a day which gave me the most profound insight into the power of yoga and the energy and bliss it can provide. These days my practice varies, just like most people! I could always do more but I try to practice at least twice a week, in addition to the classes that I teach. It keeps the flexibility but more importantly it helps to keep the mind and emotions balanced.